Ram Sales Inc

Ram Sales located in Akron, Ohio was founded in 1975. Ram Sales is an Industrial Distributor specializing in Sawing Machines and Blades. Although Saws and Blades are the primary focus of Ram Sales we also offer a wide variety of related fabricating machinery such as Ironworkers, Pipe & Tube Benders, Hydraulic Presses, and several types of Grinding & Polishing machines. In addition, we also stock and distribute several lines of Coated and Bonded Abrasives, Machine Coolants and other related products. Primary markets served are the metal-working, plastics, rubber, and tire industries. This site was designed to provide details of the various products and services provided by Ram Sales, Inc.

Saw Blades

See a listing of the blade lines and types of blades we offer. Learn about our State-of-the-Art Blade Welding Center and our highly trained and experienced staff. Quality blades and customer satisfaction are the key words in this department.

Sawing Machines

Ram Sales has one of the most complete offerings of metal-sawing machines in the industry. See the complete listing.

Tire Sawing

Ram Sales got it's start serving the tire industry which is still a major part of our business today. This page tells the story about our beginning and shows many of the unique offerings of custom designed band saws and specialty blades used by the Tire Industry for the sectioning of tires.


Shown here is a listing of the many other machinery products as well as perishable items offered by Ram Sales. The Other Products we offer compliment our primary products of Saws and Blades. Many of the companies that do a lot of sawing also have to finish the sawed parts, that's why we offer belt grinding and polishing machines and the abrasives that are used on them. Also, companies that saw frequently have a need to bend or punch the sawed parts, so we offer Ironworkers and Bending machines. Of course sawing machines use cutting fluids so we offer a complete line of machine coolants, cutting fluids and related products.

We welcome your inquiries to learn more about how Ram Sales can serve your company and help reduce your manufacturing costs.